Tribute To J. D. Sumner

J. D. and Linwood

(after a round of Golf)

He was born on November 19, 1924. He went home to be with God and Miss Mary on November 16, 1998. WE LOVE YOU J.D. AND YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

Legend, Grammy winner, lowest bass singer in the world according to the Guiness book of world records, inovatator, founder of The National Quartet Convention, first to have all four vocalist using seperate microphones, first to convert a bus for traveling, Husband, Father, brother, grandfather-"Big Daddy", Friend!

I will always be thankful to God for allowing me to share you as part of my life. I will miss talking to you every day. I will not miss those 5:00 AM wake up calls however. I will always be thankfull for everything you did for me and The Spokesmen Quartet.


Linwood & The Spokesmen Quartet


Old Friend
by Linwood E. Wilson

On November 19, 1924
God blessed this world with a baby boy!

Big ole ears and a booming voice
we had to keep him, he left us no choice.

For you see God had a plan for this young man
He molded him and led him with his nailscared hand.

He conquered worlds unknown to most of us.
And in doing so..He needed a bus!

And tired of sharing a microphone
He told the Lord.. ”I want a mic of my own!”

I want the world to have no choice
but to be able to hear “my fantastic voice!”

“I’ll start a Quartet Convention.. emceed by Jerry Goff
I’ll invite Big Chief and George.. then I can really show off!”

“Lord Elvis needs help, you and all of heaven knows
so Lord it’s all right if you let Elvis close all my shows.”

With his sense of humor that would not stop
He’d make you smile and laugh allot.

On November sixteen, nineteen hundred and ninety eight
Saint Peter stood back as he entered the gate

With tears in his eyes and a smile on his face
he looked at Mary and said “sorry I’m late.”

Looking around and smiling from ear to ear
He said “bring on the choir, I’m finally here!”

We’ll have a good time and be full of cheer
“but No organ music please! That’s my biggest fear.”

Me and Big Chief are ‘bout to sing bass
and our first song is “Amazing Grace”

He and Mary dance around heaven kicking up Gold dust
so happy and thankful he ain’t on that old bus.

Singing up and down the streets and around the throne,
We miss you J.D...but we’re glad you’re at home.

J.D. and Mary Sumner