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The Spokesmen were organized in 1967 and have traveled the entire United States and Canada singing in Concert Halls, Auditoriums, Churches, College Campuses and on national television and radio. They are one of the nations best loved Southern Gospel recording artist.

The group was founded in 1967 and Linwood Wilson is the only original member left in the group. In 1971 The Spokesmen Quartet went on the road and began their full-time ministry in Gospel Music. In 1972 they realized their dream had come true when they arrived at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC and the billboard read: The Statesmen, The Blackwood Brothers, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Hemphills, The Cathedrals and The Spokesmen. A dream that still lives on.

For seven years The Spokesmen opened for Hovie Lister and The Statesmen and appeared regularly with J.D. Sumner and The Stamps untl J.D.'s death. Jake, Hovie and J.D. were instrumental in the success of The Spokesmen as they took them under their wing guiding them, supporting them, and most of all encouraging them to realize their dream to the fullest. They have remained close friends throughout the years and in September, 1997, J.D. invited The Spokesmen to appear along with Hovie Lister & The Statesmen, J.D. Sumner & The Stamps, James Blackwood & The Blackwood Quartet and The Master's V on "The Legends Tour" in Fayetteville, NC. Wilson states, "This was probably the highlight of our career. These men were certainly instrumental in our lives and are still 'our heros'."

On August 16, 1998 J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet and The Spokesmen Quartet represented Southern Gospel Music at a taping and live performance for Encore TV at the Eddie Miles Theater in Myrtle Beach, SC. Along with Eddie Miles, they presented a "Salute to Elvis" in the recreation of the "Aloha from Hawaii" special done by Elvis on January 14, 1973. Along with J.D. Sumner & The Stamps they presented over 2 hours of Elvis' favorite gospel songs. This was the last concert with J.D. as he passed away on November 16, 1998. Through his friendship with J.D., Linwood and Elvis became friends which will never be forgotten.

As J.D. Sumner and Hovie Lister said in writing the backliner for a Spokesmen album, "Don't miss this great group! They'll be coming your way Soon!" And as Jake Hess said on another backliner, "The Spokesmen are a group of True Southern Gentlemen!"

The Spokesmen Quartet consist of:  Linwood Wilson-bass, owner & master of ceremonies; Al Harris-baritone; Wayne Shepherd-tenor;