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Linwood Wilson - Bass
Al Harris - Baritone
- Lead
- Tenor

 AL HARRIS-Baritone

               Al Harris

  Birthday-December 26

  Marital Status-Single

  Email: al@spokesmenquartet.com

Al comes to The Spokesmen Quartet from Hillsbourough, NC by way of  Danville, Va..  Al, "Buddy" as his family and  friends call him, was born in Denton, NC. Buddy has 2 brothers Clarence and Steve who both still live on the family land in Denton. You will be amazed by his sensational baritone voice and his songwriting abilities. One of the greatest songwriters of the day, he has written such songs as "It Sure Sounds Like Grace", "Make Calvary Real To You", " In The Fields", "Reservations", "I'm Gonna Stay Here Just A Little Longer", "That's Just Like An Angel", "Mama Taught Me Rock Of Ages", "I'm In His Presence Today", "Jesus Gave Us A Song", "Bless My Soul", all on his CD entitled It Sure Sounds Like Grace.

In the past several months he has written several brand new songs, "His Footsteps Did Not Stop At Calvary" written as a recitation especially for Linwood, "I'm Just As Good As Gone", " If I Ever Knew I'd Never" and has a couple he hasn't finished yet.

The only problem with Al's songs, just like J.D.'s songs all feature J.D., Al's songs all feature Al.